Dorms or Hotels?  To Meal Plan or Not to Meal Plan?  What's the Right Choice for You?

We are excited to accommodate you!

Please note that the on-campus lodging is tagged on the map with green icons and the off-campus lodging is tagged with purple icons.  The main building for the conference is tagged with a red star, and North Central College campus is highlighted in red; please note that you may need to use the "+/-" (in the bottom left hand corner) to zoom in so that you can better see where the campus is located (which is near the cluster of green icons!).  Additionally, when your cursor is over the map, you can click and drag to see the location you'd like.

This is an interactive map!

If you are interested to know more about the specific hotels, dorms, etc. click on the tags on the map and a left side bar with more information will show up.

If the map is too tiny for you to navigate on this page, click the four corner icon in the upper right hand of the map and that will take you to a larger google map version!

Still thinking about food?

If you zoom in near the green tags, you'll see the orange icon letting you know where the North Central College campus food court is.  If you are wondering what other food options are near by, zoom in on the downtown Naperville area (blue) until you can see orange icons of different restaurants in that area!