History of Conference Locations

It all began during the ride home from BCCE (Biennial Conference Chemical Education) in the summer of 1970 when Reg Friesen, Leonard Sibley along with three other Ontario teachers discussed the state of teaching chemistry in secondary education. The ideas sparked a desire to facilitate the sharing of such ideas among all teachers of chemistry. The result was the first ChemEd in 1973 at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo Canada. The committee of past chairs, chaired by Irwin Talesnick has been responsible for insuring the quality and the ideals of the first ChemEd endure.

1973       Waterloo, Ontario

1975       Waterloo, Ontario

1977       Waterloo, Ontario

1978       Glenside, Pennsylvania

1979       Waterloo, Ontario

1981       Waterloo, Ontario

1983       Indianapolis, Indiana

1985       Montclair, New Jersey

1987       Kingston, Ontario

1989       Kingston, Ontario

1991       Oshkosh, Wisconsin

1993       Indianapolis, Indiana

1995       Norfolk, Virginia

1997       Minneapolis, Minnesota

1999       Fairfield, Connecticut

2001       Toronto, Ontario

2003       Auburn, Alabama

2005       Vancouver, British Columbia

2007       Denton, Texas

2009       Radford, Virginia

2011       Kalamazoo, Michigan

2013       Waterloo, Ontario

2015       Kennesaw, Georgia

2017       Brookings, South Dakota

2019       Naperville, Illinois

photos from: https://uwaterloo.ca/chemed2013 Locations list from 2013 ChemEd Program

ChemEd 2019 Jul 21, 2019 - Jul 25, 2019 North Central College, Naperville, IL