Swap Shop

Announcing the ChemEd 2019 Swap Shop!  

You might be thinking… “What’s a Swap Shop?”  The ChemEd 2019 Swap Shop will be a location at ChemEd 2019 in which you can donate chemistry/teaching items that you no longer need/want, and others can come take these items (for free)!  As the saying goes, one person's trash is another person's treasure!


Maybe you’ve been cleaning out your stockroom, remodeling your labs, or getting ready to retire.  If you have any gently used, working science items you would like to donate, please bring them for the ChemEd 2019 Swap Shop.  Examples of acceptable items to donate include: balances, microscopes, glassware, demonstration props, hands-on materials, workbooks, resource books, goggles, aprons, equipment in working order (unacceptable items for donation include: chemicals, hazardous materials, mercury thermometers, equipment that is non-functioning).


For any questions, please contact the ChemEd 2019 Swap Shop coordinator, Jaci Gentile.